FINO scourers leave your cookware and surfaces shining clean.


From the daily washing of your dishes and pots with tough stains, or other surfaces such as bathroom surfaces, even the walls of your house, you will definitely find a scourer that suits your needs.

The range includes kitchen and bathroom scourers, cellulose scourers, heavy duty, wool, metal, magic scourer for use on walls and many others. Made of high strength materials, these products provide fine results, making even the toughest stains disappear.

FINO Scourers range:

  • Regular sponges
  • Specialized sponges
  • Metal scourers


Regular scourers

Ideal for daily dishwashing. Their special composition helps produce more foam, making them highly durable and ultra absorbent. One of the below will absolutely suit you best.  

FINO Regular scourers range is available in diverse packs to better suit your needs:FINO Kitchen sponge in a pack of 1pc, 2pcs, 5pcs and 5+1pcs
Not willing to ruin your finger nails from daily household tasks? FINO Profile Scourers offer extra protection due to its special hand grip.FINO Profile Kitchen sponge in a pack of 1pc, 2pcs and 3pcs

Trio Colored profile sponges. Each sponge has a different color & composition (Strong, Regular, Sensitive) and is suitable for different type of surfaces and dirt.

Colored, fun, useful…!

You need colours in your kitchen? Then, the color pack will be your friend in style…FINO Colored kitchen sponges in a pack of 10pcs
For extra absorbency and supreme resistance, FINO Cellulose Universal scourer is the ideal solution


Specialized scourers

FINO Loves your home and loves helping you in every special task you face! For each special duty choose the scourer that best suits your needs.

Teflon scourer: Your sensitive cookware will never be cleaner! FINO Teflon scourer has all the strength of a strong scourer, without threatening non-stick pans. Thanks to its special composition it does not leave any marks and scratches. It is also suitable for porcelains and all other delicate surfaces. Available in packs of 1pc and 2pcs.

FINO Microfibre scourer for ceramic hobs. This double-sided pad is the ultimate tool to clean ceramic hobs. The special texture of the rough side removes grease and stains without scratching. The soft microfibre side makes hobs glow and shine.

Magic scourer in a pack of 2pcs Has your creative child drawn the walls? Don’t panic… With the FINO Magic Scourer the problem is solved and the wall is cleaned again! It ensures that all walls and tiles in your house look brand new. It erases any marks using only water.

Sensitive Profile kitchen sponge You need a scourer that treats sensitive surfaces gently? Then the FINO Sensitive Profile scourer will be your partner in cleaning.

Bathroom scourer Is cleaning the bathroom one of the toughest tasks? Not anymore. FINO bathroom scourer is ideal for bathroom and other sensitive surfaces since it does not leave any scratches behind. It is soft, highly durable and ultra-absorbent, it creates more foam, making it suitable for all bathroom accessories.

Scouring Pads FINO recommends Scouring Pads in order to tackle with tough stains. Extremely durable and effective on burnt-on grease to clean trays, grills and all kinds of utensils. Available in a pack of 2pcs.
Cellulose sponge wiper For extra absorbency in order to dry wet surfaces, use the FINO Cellulose sponge wiper. Perfect for wiping to dry sinks, worktops, cookers and any other surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen. Its special structure of cellulose fibers ensures its unique absorptiveness.
Cellulose sponge delicate No need to worry for sensitive cookware. The Delicate FINO sponge is perfect for washing dishes, glasses, Teflon and many other scratch-sensitive surfaces.
Absorbing sponges The ergonomic design of FINO Absorbing sponges offers greater comfort when in need of cleaning the pots, sinks, kitchen tops, ceramic sanitary ware. It comes in a pack of 3pcs.
Plastic scourers Practical, extra durable and ideal for very hard stains. FINO Plastic scourers perfectly remove burnt-on grease and stains from pots, pans, trays and other utensils without leaving any scratches. Available in a pack of 3pcs.


Metal Scourers

Any hard duty task can be achieved with FINO Metal scourers. Made from strong, stainless material, these scourers can clean even the most difficult stains.

Metal steel wool FINO steel wool is extra durable and ideal for very hard stains. It can perfectly remove burnt-on grease and stains from grills, trays and other metal utensils. Available in a pack of 1pc and 2pcs.  
Metal wire An extra help for persistent stains; FINO Metal Wire will clean on your behalf. Available in a pack of 3pcs.
Metal Scourer with handle. FINO steel wool pad comes with a practical, ergonomic handle to protect your hands when washing cookware. It is extra durable and ideal for very hard stains. It can perfectly remove burnt-on grease and stains from grills, trays and other metal utensils.


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