In 2003 FINO was launched in South-Eastern European markets, with the objective to satisfy everyday household needs. Since then, the journey continues and FINO is expanding in more and more countries becoming a valuable friend for every household across the world.



  • 2014 Launched in Portugal.Every year FINO is enriched with even more qualitative and practical products that make our lives easier!
  • 2013 Launched in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • 2012 FINO extends its proposal of Cleaning Tools with a Mops’ line. Also, launched in Ghana & Ethiopia, FINO’s journey has no limits.
  • 2011 In 2011 FINO gets its new identity!


  • 2007 More products are born; more consumers’ needs are satisfied. FINO enters the Gloves category while it keeps enriching the Food Packaging and Garbage Bags category with new proposals.
  • 2006 The successful path keeps on and FINO is launched in Czech Republic & Slovakia.
  • 2005 FINO welcomes Cleaning Tools in its range. Scourers & Wipes are launched and even more housewives trust FINO for their daily tasks. New products are offered under FINO range.
  • 2004 FINO enters Eastern Europe: Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan.
  • 2003 FINO was introduced in Balkan countries (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, FYROM) with a range of 18 products of the Food Packaging and Garbage Bags category.

Stay Fresh.

Keep food fresh longer with a variety of storage options.

Bag it.

Keep your home and the environment clean.

Clean Up.

Choose the easy way for tough household dirt.
Make it Glow!
Easier floor cleaning!