Recycling of packages.

Do not dispose of any of the following waste, as this will ruin the effects of recycling:

  • Food residues
  • Tree branches
  • Vinyl records, CDs or DVDs (advise with recycling companies in your country)
  • Batteries -Electrical appliances (advise with recycling companies in your country)
  • Building materials
  • Fabric
  • Leather or wooden items

You can dispose of all types of packaging from products you use daily in your household, e.g.

  • Paper packaging or cartons, such as juice, milk, cereal, pizza, biscuit, sugar, detergent, toothpaste boxes or containers, and all paper bags, etc.;
  • Aluminum packages, like refreshment, beer cans, etc.;
  • Glass bottles containing water, beverages, spirits, food jars;
  • Plastic packages from water bottles, refreshment drinks, yogurt, butter, oil, detergents, cleaning products, shampoo, shower gels, deodorants, plastic bags, wrapping film;
  • Cans from evaporated milk, coffee, tuna, pet food, tomato puree, etc.
  • Glass if it is indicated so.

Stay Fresh.

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