Power Bags are made to meet all your needs.

They are made of very strong materials and prevent from any leakages or tears.

FINO Power Garbage Bags are available in a wide range of 6 sizes.

• 35L in a pack of 15pcs, 50 x 60 cm

• 60L in a pack of 10pcs, 60 x 72 cm

• 90L in a pack of 10pcs, 65 x 90 cm

• 120L in a pack of 10pcs, 70 x 110 cm

• 120L in a pack of 25pcs, 70 x 110 cm

• 160L in a pack of 10pcs, 91 x 110 cm

• 240L in a pack of 10pcs, 120 x 150 cm



Stay Fresh.

Keep food fresh longer with a variety of storage options.

Bag it.

Keep your home and the environment clean.

Clean Up.

Choose the easy way for tough household dirt.
Make it Glow!
Easier floor cleaning!