Cling Film

Cling Film.

Keeping your meals stored and fresh might be one of your daily concerns.With FINO Cling Film you should not worry any more as it ensures that your food is covered safely and kept fresh for a longer time.

FINO Cling Film is ideal to cover dishes or trays, wrap and store your sandwich or lunch leftovers, preserving all flavors and aromas.

After years of experience and understanding of your needs, FINO launched the NEW FINO ROLLBOX for easier rolling and cutting with 100 precut sheets.

An unmatched stretch and tight cling with easy cutting, even by hand!

Smart use:

  • Keeps the freshness and taste of foods, as it closes tight on dry surfaces.
  • Prevents the transfer of odors between foods in the fridge.
  • High stretch ability for use over in any container.
  • Suitable for contact with all foods, in line with EU specifications.
  • Suitable for freezing at temperatures of up to -30°C.
  • To avoid the growth of microorganisms, single use is recommended
  • Can be used with all kinds of food, even with 100% pure fat.


FINO  range:

Rollbox 45m x 29cm into 100 precut sheets! 8571007177-FINO-CLING-FILM-45M-ROLLBOX-400x96
20m x 29cm

20m x 29cm


30m x 29cm



30m x 29cm
30m x 29cm (Easy)


Stay Fresh.

Keep food fresh longer with a variety of storage options.

Bag it.

Keep your home and the environment clean.

Clean Up.

Choose the easy way for tough household dirt.
Make it Glow!
Easier floor cleaning!
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