Food bags

Food bags.

For every need of your household to store, preserve, freeze or carry foods, FINO offers 4 types of bags.

  • Zipper Bags
  • Microten Bags
  • Food Bags in Roll
  • Sandwich Bags


For demanding users, especially thick and durable, they come with a zipper lock system. This makes them ideal for sensitive foods or non-food items you want to keep away from bacteria (e.g. toothbrush during a trip). FINO Zipper Bags are available in 2 sizes and meet all basic needs:

Small, 1 L. Package contains 20 bags  99106-FINO-ZIPPER-BAGS-1L-20PCS-400x138
Medium, 3 L. Package contains 12 bags  99107-FINO-ZIPPER-BAGS-3L-12PCS-400x107










Very practical and easy to use. They take up minimum space inside the drawer, and come in 3 sizes to meet all your daily needs to for storing and carrying food.

FINO Mikroten Bags range:

Small 1L. Package contains 50 bags. 99103-FINO_SE-MIKROTEN-BAGS-1L-300x225
Medium 3L. Package contains 50 bags. 99104-FINO_SE-MIKROTEN-BAGS-3L-300x168
Large 6L. Package contains 50 bags.
20×30. Package contains 50 bags.
30×50. Package contains 50 bags.




A roll with Food Bags for even easier use! Available in multiple sizes to let you choose the one that best fits your needs.

FINO Food Bags in Roll range:

Food Bags in Roll 0.5L. Package contains 250 bags
Food Bags in Roll 1L. Package contains 250 bags 8571006855 FINO FOOD BAGS IN ROLL 1L 250PCS_01
Food Bags in Roll 2L. Package contains 250 bags 8571006852 FINO FOOD BAGS IN ROLL 2L 250PCS_01
Food Bags in Roll 3L. Package contains 250 bags 8571006853 FINO FOOD BAGS IN ROLL 3L 250PCS_01



Carry your light snack to work, keep your lunch or sandwich fresh and healthy with a FINO Sandwich Bag. Choose among plastic and paper sandwich bags and bring your snack anywhere safe and ready to grab!

FINO Sandwich Bags range:

Sandwich Bags 18 x 28cm in a pack of 100pcs FOR-RO_BG_SRB_99100-FINO_SE-SANDWICH-BAGS-100PCS-400x163
Paper Sandwich Bags 12.5+6cm x 25cm in a pack of 40pcs


Fino freezer Bags thanks to their reinforced material are ideal for storage, packaging and preservation of food in refrigerator and freezer! Keep food fresh for longer by closing the freezer bag safely thanks to the special clips that you will find in the package.

FINO Freezers Bags range:

Freezer Bags 3l in a pack of 50pcs


Fino Thermobag is perfect for packaging and transferring food and liquid items while maintain their initial temperature! Its advanced structure and thermal insulation materials allow heat or cold to be maintained inside the thermo bag. It is washable, reusable and suitable for transferring thermo sensitive food products like meat, frozen food, dairy products and cold drinks at any place you would like.

FINO Thermobag range:


Stay Fresh.

Keep food fresh longer with a variety of storage options.

Bag it.

Keep your home and the environment clean.

Clean Up.

Choose the easy way for tough household dirt.
Make it Glow!
Easier floor cleaning!
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