If garbage bags slips down:


If your garbage bags slip down on the inside of the can every time you try to put more trash in then use binder clips.

You can take binder clips (the black or colored clips with silver bars that you get in office supply stores) and use two clips, one on each side on the garbage can rim, clipping the bag to the can. Then flip the bars down. Now you are able to close the lid and secure the bag.

Keep Hardware Organized


Pile nails, screws, and fasteners into separate coffee filters while you’re working, to keep them from rolling off the table.


Make Houseplants Less Messy


Line flowerpots and planters with coffee filters to stop soil from falling through the drainage hole.

Make Lime Cubes


If you like a fresh lime wedge in a cold beer or with a Gin and Tonic, or Coke, for example, you can simply add a lime cube. It’s great because not only does it add great fresh lime flavor, but it keeps the drink cold too.

Before painting a room, protect your chairs and furniture using FINO Garbage Bags. Spread them open over furniture or wrap chairs to protect from any spills while using a brush or roller.


When taking a break from painting, wrap the brushes in FINO Plastic film. This will prevent the brush hairs from drying up and getting stiff.


Keep old photos in FINO Ζipper Bags. This is the ideal place to store photos thanks to their rigid shape, transparent sides which allow you to see their contents, the secure seal and a box where you can write down what the bags contain.


When moving home, putting away carpets or blankets, FINO Power Garbage Bags, as they are ideal to carry and store large items.

  • Sow seeds in FINO Aluminum Trays. Puncture small holes in the bottom of the containers and when the plant grows you can replant it by tearing the container with scissors. This protects the plant from being damaged during the transfer.
  • To replant from an old or broken pot to another, use a FINO Garbage Bag of appropriate dimensions and place the pot inside. Remove the pieces of the old pot. Take the bag with the soil and the plant and place it into the new pot. Tear and gently pull the bag to remove.
  • Use large FINO Food Bags as a “greenhouse” for new shoots. Place a tiny pot inside a bag and seal it. Simply open the bag to water it. This will provide the plant with the necessary humidity to grow, while protected from air.

There are several foods that cannot be preserved in the fridge, such as: dry food (cereals, rice, pasta, flour), cans, products in glass containers before opening (e.g. jams, honey) and several types of juices and beverages. There are rules to follow for these categories as well.


Make sure the storage area is dry, cool and free from strong smells.


Store foods or beverages away from any cleaning products or chemicals.


Protect foods by keeping them in sealed bags or containers. This will keep them fresh longer and prevent the mix of smells, as well as any raids by insects or ants.


Never store flour on the floor. It can attract ants, mice and other unwanted visitors.


Always read the user instructions. Some foods must be refrigerated once opened.

In general terms, you can freeze all types of raw or cooked food, as long as you follow the hygiene rules below:


Make sure that the food is properly sealed in an airtight container, wrap or plastic bag.


Freeze before expiry date.


Follow the freezing/thawing instructions shown on labels, if any.


Thaw in the fridge and not at room temperature or in water, as this might cause quick development of microorganisms.


Make sure the food has been deep frozen.


Cook the thawed food very well, following the safe cooking instructions.


Try to consume in 2 days or so of thawing.



Raw meat and poultry

Place it inside an airtight container during thawing to prevent drips on other foods.


If cooked at the right temperature, thawed meat, poultry and fish can be refrozen.

General Preservation tips

If you have food leftover, first let it cool down. Once cool, place it in the fridge immediately and no later than 2 hours after. In summer months, this period is limited to a maximum of one hour.


Do not consume food that was cooked more than 3 days before. In the case of rice, the maximum period that it can stay in the fridge is 1 day.


Do not store canned food inside their container. Transfer to an airtight glass or plastic container.
If making cold dishes that will not be consumed immediately, cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and put in the fridge.


Do not store potatoes in the fridge, as this can result in a chemical alteration while cooking them. Keep them in a cool and dry place.


Raw meat and poultry

Store everything separately on the lower shelf of the fridge and wrapped in cling film or placed in closed containers to prevent drips on other foods.


Protect other foods (cheese, fruit, vegetables) from any leaks and odours. Wrap them in cling film or put them inside food bags. If possible, note the store date for better planning and monitoring.


Always remember that raw meat must be kept away from cooked meat.

Glue a piece of Aluminum Foil onto the back side of the mirror, bright side down, to hide wear.

In the food processor, blend fruit in season, add 200g sugar per kg of fruit, and keep the mixture in Food Bags in the freezer. This way you will have a delightful and quick solution for parties, ice creams and jams all year round!

The most tasteful and healthy solution is to finely chop them, boil them into a broth and make a fast and delicious vegetable soup! Alternatively, you can put them in Airtight Zipper Bags and then into the freezer. Write down the freezing date and use within 12 months.


You can also dry them. The drying process in the oven is as follows: preheat at low temperature (60°C), then insert the trays with the vegetables leaving some space between each vegetable. Move the trays from the higher to the lower shelf and from the inside to the outside every 30 minutes. Turn of the heat with almost completely dry, and leave the oven door wide open for another hour. When cool, place the dry vegetables in FINO Food Bags. Keep them in a dark, dry and cool place. Foods that have been dried properly will last 6 to 12 months.

Cheeses can be kept in the freezer wrapped in cling film. For longer-term preservation, you can cut the cheese into small pieces, put them in airtight bags and then into the freezer.

Make a fresh tomato puree by processing the more ripe tomatoes in the food processor. Portion the puree in FINO Food Bags, and keep it in the freezer all year round. When you need to cook it, simply take the desired quantity out of the freezer, and wait until the puree loosens and can be removed from the walls of the bag or container, and ready to use.

Keep herbs fresh for at least 2 weeks by placing them in a glass of water and then in the fridge. Unless intended to be used within 2 weeks, place them in FINO Food Bags in the fridge or and into the freezer. Write down the date and keep them up to 1 year, each time putting the desired quantity directly into the pot.

You can prolong their life-cycle by rinsing, drying them up and keeping them in FINO baking paper inside a Zipper Bag. Paper absorbs moisture, while the bag protects them from drying up. Also, cabbage is better preserved if brushed with lemon juice and wrapped in Cling Film.

When you want to clean your fridge just use a FINO Wet Wipe soaked in tepid water and vinegar that absorbs smells. If stains persist use soap, as long as you rinse well and dry carefully. Particular importance should be given to the fridge handle, as it comes into contact with our hands several times a day.

To disinfect FINO sponges and cloths you can put them damp in the microwave oven for 15-30’’ or leave them in boiling water for 10 minutes. Do not forget to drain them and replace them regularly.

Use FINO Food Bags to cover food with flour before frying. Put flour inside a food bag, toss the food inside (meatballs, small fish, etc) and seal it, leaving a good amount of air inside the bag. Shake the bag to spread the flour. This way, the flour will be spread evenly and save you the cleaning.

Use a FINO Roasting Bag to serve as a pastry icing bag: put a piece of couverture chocolate in the bag and seal it, making sure no air is trapped inside. Put it in the microwave oven to melt. Once out of the oven, open a small hole using scissors and use it as an icing bag for your pastries.


Use FINO Baking Paper to give different shapes to pastries and foods. Make caramel or chocolate patterns to decorate your dishes. Melt the chocolate and apply on Baking Paper in any shape. Place the tray in the freezer for a while, and your chocolate decorations are ready!


Baking paper is also is ideal to line a cake pan to prevent from sticking on the bottom.


Also use for decoration. Cut it in shapes of your choice, cover a cake and sprinkle over caster sugar or cocoa power. It will leave a wonderful pattern!

Wrap moist stems of herbs (rosemary, bay, oregano, etc.) in FINO Aluminum Foil, puncture a few holes with the fork, and put onto the tray. As the food cooks, the fragrance will permeate the meat.

To keep potatoes from darkening while you prepare the remaining ingredients, wrap them in FINO Cling Film instead of immersing them in water. This way they will not lose their starch.

Make a light, healthy and delicious meal inside FINO Baking Paper, without adding extra fat. By cutting down on fats in your everyday diet you can prevent cardiovascular diseases and stay fit! To easily and evenly roast fish, cut a large piece of FINO Baking Paper. Wrap it around the fish, tie it securely with string and put it in the oven, not on grill. The fish will retain all natural juices and be tastier. The same can be achieved by using FINO Roasting Bags.


The traditional way to use FINO Baking Paper is to line trays and bake cookies, tarts, etc.


Roll up minced meat, fish, meat, vegetables, and put it in boiling water! Shape parcels or rolls and tie them up with string. The food will be cooked, stay intact, and all its flavors will come out in the water.

Stay Fresh.

Keep food fresh longer with a variety of storage options.

Bag it.

Keep your home and the environment clean.

Clean Up.

Choose the easy way for tough household dirt.
Make it Glow!
Easier floor cleaning!
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