In general terms, you can freeze all types of raw or cooked food, as long as you follow the hygiene rules below:


Make sure that the food is properly sealed in an airtight container, wrap or plastic bag.


Freeze before expiry date.


Follow the freezing/thawing instructions shown on labels, if any.


Thaw in the fridge and not at room temperature or in water, as this might cause quick development of microorganisms.


Make sure the food has been deep frozen.


Cook the thawed food very well, following the safe cooking instructions.


Try to consume in 2 days or so of thawing.



Raw meat and poultry

Place it inside an airtight container during thawing to prevent drips on other foods.


If cooked at the right temperature, thawed meat, poultry and fish can be refrozen.

Stay Fresh.

Keep food fresh longer with a variety of storage options.

Bag it.

Keep your home and the environment clean.

Clean Up.

Choose the easy way for tough household dirt.
Make it Glow!
Easier floor cleaning!
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