Grill Trays

Grill Trays.

FINO Grill Trays are ideal for grilling all sorts of food in barbecues, oven or fireplaces. Barbecue gets easier as they are equipped with special holes and grooves that help food retain all its juices while keeping fat away.
Enjoy your meal without making a mess!


FINO Grill Trays range:

Rectangular Grill Trays 4 pcs 97160 FINO_SCE GRILL TRAY RECTANGULAR 4PCS-204x300
Rectangular Small Grill Trays 3+1 pcs
Round Grill Trays 2 pcs 8571002352 FINO_SCE GRILL TRAY ROUND 2PCS-204x204


Stay Fresh.

Keep food fresh longer with a variety of storage options.

Bag it.

Keep your home and the environment clean.

Clean Up.

Choose the easy way for tough household dirt.
Make it Glow!
Easier floor cleaning!
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