Coffee Filters

Coffee Filters.

Enjoying fresh and tasteful coffee might be the best time of your day! FINO Coffee Filters you ensure that this moment will never be ruined. FINO Coffee Filters ensure the preparation of hot drinks keeping all their natural aroma and flavor. They protect from any impurities and guarantee that your coffee does not contain any sediments. They are made of natural cellulose. Also suitable for preparing tea.

FINO Coffee Filters come in size 2 and size 4

Coffee Filters Size 2 in a 50pcs bag  8571011866-FINO_CE-COFFEE-FITLERS-50PCS-SIZE-2-x390
Coffee Filters Size 4 in a 50pcs bag  8571011865-FINO_CE-COFFEE-FILTERS-50PCS-SIZE-4-x390
Coffee Filters Size 2 in a 80pcs box  8571003881-FINO_CE-COFFEE-FILTERS-80PCS-SIZE-2-x390
Coffee Filters Size 4 in a 80pcs box  8571003882-FINO_CE-COFFEE-FILTERS-80PCS-SIZE-4-x390

Instructions for use:

  1. Straighten the filter.
  2. Place the filter in the coffeemaker
  3. Add the coffee – one heaping spoonful  for one cup.
  4. Pour the boiling water and wait until it will not soak through the filter.

Stay Fresh.

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