Floor Care

Floor Care.

Innovative and effective products which cater to all household needs for easier and effortless cleaning of any type of floor.


Select among FINO cleaning systems for dry or wet-cleaning.


Very absorbent mops, microfibre polisher, cleaning systems for floor and furniture, all compose the ideal solution even for the most demanding household.


FINO presents the NEW product line for fast and easy dry cleaning of floors and furniture.

Sweeper Set for floors

Ideal for any kind of floor such as tiles, granite, marble, wood, etc. Suitable also to clean walls and other large surfaces. An innovative and easy proposal for dry cleaning!

The Sweeper has a light blend and ergonomic shape. It has a squared head to reach every corner.

The Wipes are made of 3D microfibers with electrostatic action that attract dust, fluff and hair with one move.

The pad consists of deep grooves to trap fluff, hair etc. without leaving any residue behind.

Useful information

The Sweeper Set box contains 2 refills. The Sweeper Wipes box contains 20 refills. It is recommended to replace the wipe after each use to avoid the growth of microorganisms & allergens. It is not suitable for use on computer or TV screen. Do not use on hot surfaces. Avoid the use on wet surfaces.

Duster Set for furniture

The NEW FINO Duster Set is ideal for furniture, shelfs, electric devices and any other item you want to make it shine!

Made from 3D, soft microfibers with electrostatic action that attract dust, fluff and hair with one move.


Useful information

The Duster Set box contains 5 refills. The Duster Refills box contains 10 refills. It is recommended to replace the feather after each use to avoid the growth of micro-organisms & allergens. Do not use on hot surfaces. Avoid the use on wet surfaces.


The ideal polisher for dry cleaning. Ideal for ultimate dirt and dust pick-up. Its high-density and special texture microfibres pick up dust and trap dirt, for sparkling surfaces without dull spots and marks.

Its particularly soft texture makes it suitable for the most sensitive surfaces, since it cleans without leaving any scratches.

It does not leave any strikes or stains on the cleaned surfaces while the head is washable at 60 ˚C. The telescopic, aluminum handle gives the possibility to adjust the length from 77 up to 135 cm.

A head refill is also available.


FINO new absorbent mops are of great resistance and ideal for use on all kinds of floors.

Select among the yellow (very soft & absorbent), the blue (extra durable and absorbent) or the cotton mop for super absorbency.

They are suitable for every type of floor without leaving and marks.

Yellow and blue are available also as a set with the FINO handle.

They fit with the majority of the handles in the market.


FINO presents the NEW product line for effective and easy sweeping of indoor and outdoor areas.

Made of high density polypropylene and quality to last in time and outdoor weather conditions. The bristles have special finishing, designed for excellent efficacy and great strength.

They fit with the majority of the handles in the market. Available also as a set with the FINO Handle.

Small Indoor Broom

Flexible and ergonomic. Ideal for small surface and tough spots, corners, steps, corridors.

Large Indoor Broom – Dual Action

Ideal for large surfaces in the house or in balconies. Suitable for all kind of floors such as tyles, marbles, parquet, etc. With 2 sides for maximum resistance and efficacy:

Yellow side: Thin bristle with fine finishing for dust.

Grey side: Thick and strong bristle for small particles and fluff.

Large Outdoor Broom

Ideal for outdoor use in balconies, yards, and any other outdoor area. With long bristles of large diameter to resist heavy usage and collect effectively even large particles such as leaves or fog.

Hand Dustpan: width 23,5cm, depth 18cm, height 7cm

Dustpan with handle: Very practical & ergonomic. Width 29cm, depth 23cm, height 85cm


FINO Bucket & Handle are the necessary household cleaning accessories for sweeping and mopping.

Extra durable 13lt bucket and 120cm handle for use combined with FINO mops and brooms.

Available also with the majority of mops and brooms available on the market.


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